PreviouslyLoved is a collaboration between
Random Trigger (Ralf Haarmann and Silvia Munzón López (DE))
and Nina Lawina (NL)
active since 2020

Road Trip exploring the dutch-german border from Dinxperlo to Twist, ending in Enschede in a performative installation in thrift shop hetGOED. What are borders? What do they look like? Why do we have them? Enschede 2023

film performance Paradijs Parzelle march 2021

Project exploring the definition of paradise, and why so many dutch and germans find it on their camping plots next to their caravan or mobile home. Online 2021
Performance exploring thriftshops, looking for the stories from the people who work there, the people who bring the objects, the customers, and the objects themselves. Kleine Bühneboden Münster 2020

Performance PreviouslyLoved feb 2020

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