Archive in M4gastateliers Tetterode/Amsterdam

on November 25th 2021 Part 2 of the Archive project has begun
The Archive opens up at the M4gastatelier, and we share with you what we discover in the archive and how it inspires us. Every week the Archive welcomes artists, scientists and others to interact with it and with each other. The Archive as a meeting place, not where something has ended, but where something else can begin.
Due to COVID restrictions, we can not welcome a live audience, as we originally intended to do. We will share the conversations or interventions we intended to share with this live audience, as much as possible online .
First  #Legacy 
Second  #Archive
Third  #Globalsystems
Fourth  #Zee
Fifth  #Wereld
Sixth  #Time#Memory
Last  #watdoenwemetdespullen

Box #1

part 1: UnBoxing the Archive
You can follow the UnBoxing beginning October 20 2021 every day a new unboxing video will be posted 
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UnBoxing Box #1

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