CabBizar intiates and produces theatre and audiovisual often community based projects with amateurs and young professionals. We have a trans disciplinary and trans cultural approach in the work, and many projects are site specific. For more information see: and
Jongerentheatergroep CabBizar 
CabBizar plus

CabBizar Jongerentheater is a youth theatre group that makes performances with and for people between 12 and 25 years of age, enabling talent to emerge.

Waiting for Elvis Lalaland May 2016
Instant Elvis LaLaland May 2016
L.A.R.P. 2013-2014 (foto Liona Hazeleger)
Romeo and Juliet-ed 2010-2013
BarBizar LaLaLand Festival Harderwijk 2011 (foto Robbert van der Horst)
Spiegeldoos LaLaLand festival Harderwijk 2014
CabBizar/Wildfilm initiates and produces audiovisual projects with youth between 12 and 25 years of age.
60 seconds project 2010-2013
CabBizar plus initiates and produces projects on an ad hoc basis.
Nuborg project 2012-2015
Orfeo Cego Festival Hors Jeu- En Jeu Bordeaux (Fr) 2010 (Foto Guy Lenoir)
Birthday Suit het Bosproject 2006 (foto Peter Teune)

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